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The Center for Graduate Research (CGR) was established in the Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM) primarily to encourage, modulate and promote research activities in Dr Hasan Murad School of Management.

CGR was formally inaugurated in September 2004. For the first 5 years, it was engaged in launching, developing and managing MS Program in HSM. Presently these MS programs are managed by the CODs of the concerned departments. Whereas, the PhD program is being managed by the Director PhD Programs. Since then it has been fulfilling the need for research orientation in all disciplines of business management at HSM. The unique feature of CGR lies in offering and organizing national and international conferences for the last 5 years. Recently, CGR has taken the initiative to establish Journal Secretariat – a dedicated department for publishing high-quality research journals. The Journal Secretariat is a team of highly competent professionals who strive to provide operational and logistic support to HSM academic departments to launch and sustain research journals.


CGR will endeavour to serve as a hub of proactive, multidisciplinary research and service for the Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM) in particular and University of Management and Technology in general. The CGR intends to harness the intellectual capital of the HSM and establish a world-renowned forum for interactive research dialogue.


To encourage, facilitate and promote research activities in the HSM and to gain national and international recognition for research work by developing research culture. It also provides a forum where interested scholars/researchers get the opportunity to present their research ideas, papers, and findings.


  • Integrity

This is our standard. We demonstrate ethical conduct, moral and professional behaviour in all our interactions. We are loyal and accountable to the trust reposed in us by our stakeholders.

  • Fairness

We assure that our judgments are free from bias and discrimination. We believe in being just to all in our dealings.

  • Respect

We value the diversity of ideas, thoughts and people. We encourage creativity through improvement.

  • Professionalism

Professionalism is our core value that comprises of knowledge, competent skills, and behaviours.

  • Social Responsibility

We are professional academicians and researchers who seek responsibility, accept accountability and are committed to the successful achievement of our organizational goals, while keeping in mind the social impact of all our actions.


The two-prong strategy of CGR focuses on development in HSM, quality assurance, and management of advanced degree programs in different fields of specialization at one hand; while organizing conferences and seminars at the international level to promote the cross-fertilization of ideas among local and international researchers through conferences, seminars, and workshops. CGR is also in process of launching the Journal of Management & Research (ISSN: 2218 2705), HSM Working Paper Series, and CGR Portal to accelerate the process of embedding research in the culture of HSM.

Core Function

  • Promotion of research culture at HSM and linking it with the international research culture
  • Organizing research events to promote cross-fertilization of ideas among local and international researchers
  • Launching research journals related to business functions
  • Managing HSM research repository

Research Engagement

  • CGR has organized 6 International Conferences on Business Management (ICoBM), 1st Doctoral Conference, South Asian Colloquium on Doctoral Program (SACDOC 2016), and Asian Conclave on Doctoral Programs (ACDOC, 2017) besides supporting in organization of certain other conferences within UMT.
  • CGR has played an integral role in launching, sustaining, and operationalizing 4 research journals.

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